Health Care

As your representative, I vow to ensure Eastern Shore households gain the ability to decrease their health care costs.

Opioid Crisis
As a representative of Maryland citizens, I believe the opioid crisis is a priority and I am committed to the battle.

  1. Expand the Insurance Market
    Expand the Insurance Market
    I will fight for legislation that will open up the Eastern Shore's insurance market for higher competitive advantages.
  2. Hold Pharmaceutical's Accountable
    Hold Pharmaceutical's Accountable
    I will fight for legislation that requires pharmaceutical companies to offer opioid prescription drug cessation options.
  3. Stop Citizens From Paying More
    Stop Citizens From Paying More
    I will fight for legislation to eliminate federal government programs paying over 50% less for medical services than an Eastern Shore household.
  4. Stop the Heroine Transition
    Stop the Heroine Transition
    I will to fight for legislation that identifies opioid addiction as a disease and creates greater access to rehabilitation resources.